About Us

Our Organisation

Alps Tourist Services Private Limited is a leading travel and tourism company in Kolkata active across various travel segments including Leisure Travel, Incentive Travel, and Business Travel.

It is one of the leaders in segments, namely Escorted Group Tours, Customised Holidays, Holidays of India and Incentive Travel amongst others. Alps Tourist Services’s customer focus, innovation, and operational excellence has not only tapped the existing market potential but has also created new markets through innovative packages. Its vast array of holiday services is taking holidaying to an entirely new level. A new age innovative holidaymaker, Alps Tourist Services strives to make holidays a priority for every Indian. Through investments in technology and with a strong online presence the company serves its customers through an omni-channel play.

More than 30 Years’ Experience

Alps Tourist Services was established in 1987. Since then, it has escorted lakhs of travelers across the globe for more than 30 years to various destinations around the world. Alps Tourist Services has been the pioneer in Kolkata in the development of organized leisure travel abroad. We offer Escorted Group Tours, Customised Holidays, and Luxury Holidays. We organise tours in Europe, North America, Africa, Asia, and Australia and New Zealand.

Unique Travel Experiences

Our goal at Alps Tourist Services has always been to provide offbeat inspiring journeys. Our suggestive itineraries on this website include Escorted Group Tours and our independent Inspiring trips featuring experienced local guides with unmatched knowledge of the destinations on your itinerary. Though an Alps vacation may end in a matter of days or weeks, its benefits do not. Your friends, family, and your travel companions will savor your experiences together long after returning home. The people you meet and the sights you see will continue to provide inspiring memories. This is great value in the truest sense of the word: a lasting gift to you that will only improve as the years advance. Explore this website, and let us welcome you on an unforgettable journey.